“World Abundance through Business Re– education.” – Kaushiik Chandra Founder of Atkonnectt

AtKonnectt-Redefiningg Businesses was conceived  in 2019 with noble vision to Create an Institute  of  “World Abundance  through Business Re-education.”

 30+ years Journey with Corporates, MNC’s and Privately Owned Organizations has prompted us to explore the fathom of the pain-points of the SME’s and MSMEs in this country and bring in a desirable and achievable solution on the table.

Hence,  this is the time to share the practical business Experiences with all of you and derive a  Successful, Profitable, Exciting Business that can RUN without YOU.

We at AtKonnectt Redefiningg Businesses ” work together with the Business Owners on Systematic basis to take their businesses to the next level and achieve their outcomes organically.

I , Kaushiik  Chandra, Founder and CAO of AtKonnectt, is  A Certified Business Coach from Action Coach,  genuinely believe to the core that every business owner is a Genius.

Thus we are able to understand and program your mind too for your success. I have worked together with several Business Owners and start-ups in India on a systematic One-on-One basis to take their businesses to the next level and achieve their outcomes.    

We strategize effective processes to accomplish the Vision of YOU through Strategic Planning, Sales & Marketing, Systems Optimization and Team Development to achieve results systematically and organically.

Our Core elements are Business coaching, Strategic Planning, Outcome Oriented Approach, Help to build community by building businesses.

Our key focus is Strategic planning, Sales Team Building,  Sales & Marketing, Systems Optimization and Team  Development, Profitability

3 easy steps – to your pathway of Success

01. 30mins Call – Understand your Strength and Huddles with us and learn the solutions
02. Business Background Check & Alignment – A business does go wrong when u fail to calibrate it as per given conditions. Hence share your Bussiness confidentially through BBQ
03. DISC Analysis – It is widely used for Performance Enhancement Tools • Dominance (D) • Influence (I) • Steadiness (S) • Conscientiousness (C)

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