May22 , 2022

Apple employees are upset, want to quit because Tim Cook is calling them to office



As the world slowly gets back to normal after two years in the pandemic, tech companies like Apple and Google are asking employees to return to offices. Tech giants are working hard, taking new initiatives to encourage employees to be in office on most days. Workers, however, don’t seem to be happy about the new policy.

Nearly 76 per cent of Apple workers reportedly are against the company’s return to office policy, which currently requires them to be in office once a week. From May 23, Apple CEO Tim Cook has asked employees to be in office for at least three days a week. This is likely to frustrate employees a lot more.

A survey conducted by anonymous social network Blind suggests that the majority of Apple employees are upset with the return of office policy and prefer to quit and join some other tech company that provides little more flexibility. Blind said it collected answers from 652 Apple employees between April 13 and April 19.

Almost until mid-April, most Apple employees had been working entirely from home for over two years, since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. Most employees say that they face issues with resuming regular commuting. Some of them also say that they will seek jobs at other tech companies with more flexible work arrangements.

As per the study, around 56 per cent of employees are looking to leave Apple because of its office requirements. The company hasn’t commented on the dissatisfaction yet.

This is not new for Apple. The Verge, back in December, reported that some of Apple’s hourly workers at the stores are unhappy due to mentally taxing conditions. Some Apple workers at the Apple Cumberland Mall store in Atlanta recently filed for a union election, as an effort for better wages and benefits.

Alongside, Google is also calling employees back to the office and taking initiatives to encourage them by offering free electric scooters. The tech giant has partnered with e-scooter manufacturer Unagi to launch the new “Ride Scoot” program. The program lets most Google US-based employees get reimbursed for the full cost of a monthly subscription to Unagi’s stylish Model One scooter, which retails for $990 roughly around Rs 75,000.

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